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to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient.

About Flatiron Health

Flatiron brings together the best minds in medicine and technology to transform how cancer is researched and treated. Today, the experiences of only a small percentage of cancer patients are represented in the clinical trials that currently form the evidence base for most treatment, drug development and regulatory decisions.

Flatiron helps to fill this gap by transforming information from electronic health records into high-quality real-world evidence (RWE) that helps address new and previously hard to answer questions.

Flatiron was founded in the United States in 2012.

Since then, Flatiron data have:

Flatiron UK brings the promise of real-world evidence to UK cancer patients, researchers and the NHS.

Our approach

Data for cancer care and research

We work with hospitals to translate cancer patients’ real-world experiences into research-ready datasets. We support NHS clinicians, researchers and data managers to use this data to improve patient care and outcomes, in ways that fit into routine clinical care and workflows.

Benefits for patients

Flatiron UK’s real-world cancer datasets help researchers, HTA bodies and regulators optimise and improve cancer therapies—and help get them to patients more quickly. The value we generate from our industry partnerships is shared through a fair value exchange with our NHS Hospital partners to support research, planning and improve patient care. To do this effectively, we work closely with our Patient Voices Panel.

Advancing application of RWE in the UK

Flatiron UK is also privileged to partner with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and work with Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), DATA-CAN, the HDR UK Hub for Cancer and other national organisations to advance the understanding and application of RWE, which supports the NHS and benefits UK cancer patients.

Working with the NHS to create value across the UK cancer community

The NHS Hospital applies opt-outs, including the National data opt-out, to respect the wishes of patients who do not want to share their confidential information for research and planning purposes.

Flatiron UK securely accesses cancer data and sends back organised, easy-to-use information to the NHS Hospital. Data is anonymised before it leaves the hospital. For more, see Patient Data Privacy Notice.

Researchers will access and study the anonymised data to improve patient outcomes in a secure Trusted Research Environment.

Research will be reviewed by an oversight group that includes clinicians and patients.

Industry research partners pay Flatiron UK a licence fee to access anonymised real-world datasets. They can use this data to better understand and improve cancer therapies—and try to get these to patients faster.

Flatiron UK complies with GDPR, UK data protection law and NHS security policies.

Flatiron UK shares value generated from the anonymised real-world datasets with NHS Hospitals. NHS Hospitals can use this to improve capacity, cancer research and the care that patients receive.

Our commitment to patients

Patients and patient advocacy groups are central to informing and shaping our work. Learn more about Flatiron UK’s Patient Voices Panel in this blog: A co-created cancer data knowledge network to deliver better outcomes and higher societal value.

Our commitment to privacy and security

Generating high-quality cancer real-world evidence requires working with patients’ medical information securely. Flatiron UK respects patients’ privacy and protects their medical information at all times, is Cyber Essentials Plus certified and completes the annual NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit. A Data Protection Officer monitors compliance at dpo.flatiron@kdpc.uk.

Our team

Lauren Brown

Head, Flatiron UK

Stacy Gorelik

Head, Engineering and Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)

Jamie Hodge

Head, International Recruiting

Nathan Hubbard

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and GM, Flatiron International

Brian Kennedy

Cancer Clinical Data Specialist

Adam Manhi

Head, Market Development and Partnerships

Arun Sujenthiran, FRCS, MD(Res)

Medical Director and Clinical Lead, Caldicott Guardian

Chumeng Xu

Senior Software Engineer

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Patient Voices Panel

Our Patient Voices Panel helps us to reflect and respond to the voices and experiences of UK cancer patients and carers in our work.

Helen Bulbeck
Helen is co-founder of brainstrust, having experienced cancer as both a patient and a caregiver. She is passionate about using her experience to support the thousands of patients who have brain cancer and brings a PPI perspective to all cancers.

Chris Carrigan
Chris is a founding member of useMYdata, COO of DATA-CAN and serves as an expert advisor to Flatiron UK’s Patient Voices Panel. Chris has worked across the UK patient data landscape for more than 20 years.

Linda Galbraith
Linda, a collector of rare diseases, joined the Flatiron UK Patient Voices Panel last year, with a background in health service management, psychology and board membership, primarily in the third sector.

Dolapo Ogunleye
Dolapo advises researchers at Cancer Research UK and two NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs) in the UK (The Royal Marsden and Oxford). At the Oxford BRC, Dolapo leads on driving greater diversity in research and clinical trial recruitment. Dolapo is also a member of the PPIE Advisory Group at the King’s College Policy Research Unit in the Health and Social Care Workforce.

Lesley Shannon
Lesley is an endoscopy assessor with RCP London, a CPPG Scottish Parliament member on Cancer, an NCRI Consumer member and a new member of Flatiron Health UK’s Patient Voices Panel. Lesley believes that patients’ voices should be heard and acted upon.

Bob White
Bob was diagnosed in 2011 with prostate cancer and is now in remission. Bob runs a local prostate cancer support group (Prostaid) and is passionate about the treatment and outcomes of men with prostate cancer. Bob believes the use of patient data is a vital ingredient in the national fight against all types of cancer. Prior to his retirement, Bob was a senior police officer and then a senior fraud investigator in the banking and insurance industries.

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